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Explain in Detail Cultural Barriers. - Communication Skills

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Explain in detail cultural barriers.

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cultural diversity makes communication difficult as various cultures give rise to different gesture, behaviour, languages, opinions and social norms. Communication shapes culture and culture shapes communication. How will we communicate is determined not only on how we say things, but on how well we I understood by other,

irrespective of their cultural background. Cultural barrier arise because there are significant difference among people, which are reflected in some of the following areas:

  1. Languages: Idioms,Phrases and cannotation are different across different language.
  2. Concept of time: Asians have a very relaxed attitude towards time where is European are particular about adherence to time in the professional and personal relationship.
  3. Concept of space: the concept of personal space varies from culture to culture.
  4. Non verbal communication: Body language, gesture, colour,attire all this have different meaning for different cultures. The best way to overcome cultural barriers in communication is to emphasize with other communicates and respect their culture (as well as ours) and try to keep a ride difference and instead try to find common ground.
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