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Explain the Concept of Socio-economic Aspects of Sustainable Development. - Environmental Studies

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Explain the concept of socio-economic aspects of sustainable development .

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 The overlap between social and economic aspects deals with fair and equitable treatment of people everywhere.

Purchasing fair trade goods, where the growers receive a liveable wage for selling their crops, is a way to give people in developing areas of the world a chance to earn a better life.

Boycotting companies who have an unfavourable environmental track record can send a strong message that can result in positive change.

Supporting local businesses helps your friends and neighbours and can keep money in your local economy.

Likewise, some large companies work to protect the environment and support communities around the world with donations and social betterment programs while providing employment for people all over the country or even around the globe.

Concept: Social, Economical and Environmental Aspects of Sustainable Development
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