Explain co-relation between the following. Equality and Justice - Political Science

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Explain co-relation between the following.

Equality and Justice



Equality refers to equal rights and opportunities to all persons irrespective of their race, creed, gender, etc. It means no person or group will be discriminated against socially, economically, or politically. Similarly, no person or group will have special privileges that are denied to the vast majority in society.

Justice refers to that state of affairs in which every individual get s exactly those burdens and benefits that are due to him. It refers to the absence of socio-economic, political, and legal injustices. In the absence of equality, there will be a denial of justice and the progress of society will be hindered. Justice aims at the reconciliation of individual rights and larger social interests.

Concept: Equality
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Chapter 3: Equality and Justice - Exercise [Page 25]


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Chapter 3 Equality and Justice
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