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Explain the Circumstances that Led to the Mid-term Elections in 1980. - CBSE (Science) Class 12 - Political Science

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Explain the circumstances that led to the mid-term elections in 1980.


The Janata Party lacked direction, leadership and a common programme. The Janata Party government could not bring about a fundamental change in policies from those pursued by the Congress. The Janata Party split and the government which was led by Morarji Desai lost its majority in less than 18 months. Another government headed by Charan Singh was formed on the assurance of the support of the Congress Party. But the Congress Party later decided to withdraw its support, with the result that Charan Singh could remain in power for just about four months. Fresh Lok Sabha elections were held in January 1980 in which the Janata Party suffered a comprehensive defeat, especially in north India where it had swept the polls in 1977. The Congress Party led by Indira Gandhi nearly repeated its great victory in 1971. It won 353 seats and returned to power.

Thus, although the Janata Party formulated its government quickly, it did not take the complete term due to the internal succession of the party leaders and members.

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Solution Explain the Circumstances that Led to the Mid-term Elections in 1980. Concept: 1977 Elections and the Format on of Janata Party.
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