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Explain Briefly 'Unity of Direction' and ‘Order' as Principles of General Management. - Business Studies

Explain briefly Unity of Direction and Order as principles of general management.

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1) Unity of Direction: According to this principle, there must be a common direction of work in the organisation. This direction of work is provided by the common objectives of the organisation. According to the objectives, each unit should have a head and a defined plan which must be followed. Following this principle helps in avoiding overlapping of tasks and activities. For example, if an organisation deals in manufacturing more than one product, then various activities related to each product should be handled by separate departments.

2) Order: According to this principle, for efficiency to improve, there must be proper arrangement of things in the organisation. In other words, material things and people should be at the right place. This helps in smooth operations. For instance, files and other data must be arranged in proper order so that they can be easily located and used when required.

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