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Explain B2c and C2c as Online Means of Conducting Business. - Business Studies

Short Note

Explain B2C and C2C as online means of conducting business.

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Business to Consumer (B2C):

In B2C business model, a website sells its product directly to a customer. A customer can view products shown on the website of business organization. The customer can choose a product and order the same. Website will send a notification to the business organization via E-Mail and organization will dispatch the product/goods to the customer.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C):

The C2C business model helps the consumer to sell their assets like residential property, cars, motorcycles etc. or rent a room by publishing their information on the website. Website may or may not charge the consutiler for its services. Another consumer may opt to buy the product of the first customer by viewing the post/advertisement on the website.

Concept: Online Means of Conducting Business
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