Explain Any Three Tags of Html Which Do Not- Have Ending Tags. - Computer Science 1

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Answer in Brief

Explain any three tags of HTML which do not - have ending tags.

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<BR> tag:
1. <BR> tag insert line break into a text flow.
2. It tells the browser to wrap the text that follows onto a new line without inserting any extra space between the lines.

<HR> tag:
1. A web page can be divided into separate sections by using horizontal rulers, <HR> tag. It is also called as horizontal line.
2. This tag is mostly used for decorative purposes.

<IMG> tag:
1. <IMG> is image tag. Its purpose is to include graphic images in the body of the web page.
2. To make an image as a separate paragraph, it is enclosed within paragraph elements.
e.g; <P> <IMG SRC = "C : \ My Documents \ Lion.jpg" ></P>

Concept: Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
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