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Explain Any Three Qualities of a Good Salesman.[ - Business Studies

Explain any three qualities of a good salesman.

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Three qualities of a good salesman:

1) Mental qualities: A good salesman should have the intelligence to understand the customer and be able to fulfil a customer’s requirement. Basically, he should have two qualities—empathy and ego drive. Empathy is the salesman’s ability to understand the difficulty of customers. Ego drive is not only pursuing a sale for money but also trying to achieve personal success.

2) Social qualities: A good salesman should be well-mannered and pleasant to greeting and thanking customers. He should express politely for being successful in personal selling. An ability to provide a detailed description of the product which he pursues to sell. At the same time, he should handle customers appropriately without offending others.

3) Physical qualities: A good salesman should have a pleasing personality. He should appear with good grooming, neat and clean dress to create a good impression. He should ensure that customers are satisfied with the product by providing them with the required information.

Concept: Qualities of a Good Salesman
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