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Explain Any Three Merits and Any Three Demerits of a Rigid Constitution. - Political Science

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Answer in Brief

Explain any three merits and any three demerits of a rigid constitution.

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Merits of Rigid Constitution :

  • The ruling class cannot misuse the constitution for its vested interest.
  • Rigidity provides legitimacy to the constitution. It earns the respect of all as it cannot be easily abused for vested motives.
  • A rigid constitution ensures protection of the fundamental rights of citizens.

Demerits of Rigid Constitution :

  • As the amendment procedure of a rigid constitution is very difficult, it can cause problems for the country.
  • A rigid constitution is likely to fail to cope with changing times and environment. Thus the country may fail to keep pace with social, political and economic changes.
  • When people feel that a rigid constitution comes in the way of the national legislature towards managing disasters or ensuring equality etc. They are likely to approach the judiciary to intervene. This naturally exposes the constitution to judicial intervention.
Concept: Kinds of Constitutions - Written and Unwritten, Rigid and Flexible, Enacted and Evolved
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