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Explain Any Three Features of Management that Establish It as an Art. - Business Studies

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Short Note

Explain any three features of management that establish it as an Art.

Explain the features of Management  that establish it as a social science

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Solution 1

Features which establish management as an art:-

i. Prevailing literary work:- All artistic formulations such as painting and poetry have a predefined outlook of literary knowledge. In a similar manner, the management also has a certain theoretical base so that aspiring managers can learn from it. Several literary theories and principles have been written by renowned management experts;

for example, Principles of Management by Henry Fayol and Scientific Management Theory by Frederick Taylor.

ii. Variating implementation:- Art can be considered an implementation of existing knowledge in a personalised manner. That is each person implements the fundamental knowledge in his own personalised way. For example, all poetry forms have some basic structure. These steps are used by each poet by implementing his personal creative skillset. Also, managers implement the existing theories and principles according to the circumstances and situations in a personalised manner. That is, managers implement their personal skillset and creativity to apply management principles and theories.

iii. Persistence:- Achieving perfection in an art requires persistence and creative skills. The artist uses the prevailing theories by using his personal skillset and creativity. For example, two dancers can perform differently on the same song according to their set of skills. In a similar manner, a manager implements theoretical knowledge and sets of principles to various circumstances in accordance with his personal skillset and attempts to determine new solutions to existing problems.

Solution 2

 Art implies the application of knowledge and skill to trying about desired results. Au art may be defined as a personalized application of general theoretical principles for achieving the best possible results. Art has the following characters:

Practical Knowledge: Every art requires practical knowledge therefore learning of theory is not sufficient. It is very important to know the practical application of theoretical principles.

Personal Skill: Although theoretical base may be the same for every artist, but each one has his own style and approach towards his job. That is why the level of success and quality of performance differs from one person to another.
Similarly, management as an art is also personalized'.
Every manager has his own way of managing things based on his knowledge, experience, and personality that is why some managers are known as good managers.

Creativity: Every artist has an element of creativity in line. That is why he aims at producing something that has never existed before which requires combination of intelligence and imagination. Management is also creative in nature like any other art. It combines human and non-human resources in a useful way so as to achieve desired results. It tries to produce sweet music by combining chords in an efficient manner. 

Perfection through practice: Practice makes a man perfect. Every artist becomes more and more proficient through constant practice. Similarly, managers learn through the art of trial and error initially but the application of management principles over the years makes them perfect in the job of managing.

Result-Oriented: Every art is result oriented as it seeks to achieve concrete results. In the same manner, management is also directed towards the accomplishment of pre-determined goals. Managers use various resources like men, money, material, machinery, and methods to promote the growth of an organization. 

Concept: Management as Science, Art and Profession
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