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Explain Any Three Features Business Environment - Business Studies

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ConceptConcept of Business Environment


Explain any three features Business Environment


Features of business environment:

1) Interrelated: Different forces acting in a business environment are closely related to each other. For example, an increase in the income of consumers increases the demand for consumer durables such as television and refrigerator.

2) Ever-changing: The Business environment is dynamic and ever-changing. For example, consumer tastes and preferences, technology, government rules and policies keep changing continuously.

3) Complex: The Business environment is the aggregate of different interrelated and dynamic forces. Thus, it becomes difficult and complex to understand. For example, all political, social, economic, technological and legal matters affect the performance of an organisation simultaneously. While it may be easy to understand the individual effects of these forces, their cumulative effect is quite difficult to understand.

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Solution Explain Any Three Features Business Environment Concept: Concept of Business Environment.
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