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Explain Any Four Standard Library Functions from Sting.H ? - Structured Programming Approach

Explain any four standard library functions from sting.h ? 

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Standard Library Functions from string.h :-
In the C Programming Language, the Standard Library Functions are divided into several header files.
The following is a list of functions found within the <string.h> header file:
I. Comparison functions
1. memcmp - Compare Memory Blocks
2. strcmp - String Compare
3. strcoll - String Compare Using Locale-Specific Collating
4. strncmp - Bounded String Compare
5. strxfrm - Transform Locale-Specific String
II. Concatenation functions
1. strcat - String Concatenation
2. strncat - Bounded String Concatenation
III. Copying functions
1. memcpy - Copy Memory Block
2. memmove - Copy Memory Block
3. strcpy - String Copy
4. strncpy - Bounded String Copy
IV. Search functions
1. memchr - Search Memory Block for Character
2. strchr - Search String for Character
3. strcspn - Search String for Intial Span of Characters Not in Set

4. strpbrk - Search String for One of a Set of Characters
5. strrchr - Search String in Reverse for Character
6. strspn - Search String for Initial Span of Characters in Set
7. strstr - Search String for Substring
8. strtok - Search String for Token
V. Miscellaneous functions
1. memset - Initialize Memory Block
2. strerror - Convert Error Number to String
3. strlen - String Length

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