Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Explain any four responsibilities of the consumer. - Organisation of Commerce and Management

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Long Answer

Explain any four responsibilities of the consumer.

State responsibilities of the consumer.

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Consumers should exercise their rights and responsibilities while purchasing products or services. These are as follows:

  1. The consumer should use his rights: 
    Consumers have many rights with regard to the goods and services. They must be aware of their rights while buying.
  2. Cautious consumer:
    The consumers should understand their responsibilities while buying goods and services. While buying, the consumer should enquire about the quality, quantity, price, utility of goods and services, etc.
  3. Filing of complaint:
    It is the responsibility of a consumer to approach the officer concerned if consumers have some complaints about the goods and services. A delay in the complaint may result in the expiry of guarantee or warranty.
  4. Quality conscious:
    The consumers should never compromise on the quality of goods. They should not buy inferior stuff out of greed for less prices. If consumers behave like this, there cannot be any protection for them from any sector. It is also the responsibility of consumers to buy quality goods. The symbols such as ISI, AGMARK, Hallmark, FPO, FASSI, etc. are indicative of the good quality of the goods.
  5. Beware from exaggerating advertisement:
    The seller informs the consumer about their goods and services through advertisement. Usually, the sellers exaggerate the quality of their goods in advertisements. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the consumers to identify the truth of advertisement.
  6. The demand for Invoice and Guarantee, Warrantee Card:
    Consumers should always ask for an invoice for the goods purchased. It is the responsibility of the consumer to check the details mentioned on the guarantee or warranty card. If the goods purchased are of inferior quality, these documents are useful to settle all kinds of disputes with the seller.
  7. Pre-planned buying: 
    The important responsibility of consumers is that they should not buy in hurry. It means that the consumers should make an estimate of the goods they want to buy along with their quantity required. They should also take into consideration the place where to buy things.
  8. Organized Efforts:
    Consumers should undertake responsibility for the protection of their rights and safeguarding their interests. Consumers can work for and support consumer protection associations for consumer welfare.
Concept: Consumer
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