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Explain Any Four Points of Difference Between 'Marketing' and 'Selling'. - Business Studies

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Distinguish Between

Explain any four points of difference between 'Marketing' and 'Selling'.

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The difference between 'Marketing' and 'Selling' is given as follows: 

Basis Marketing Selling
Scope Part of Marketing related to promoting and transferring possession/ownership of goods  Wider concept consisting of identification of customer needs, developing products as per needs, satisfaction and appropriate pricing
Focus It focusses the transfer of title and possession of goods It focusses on maximum satisfaction of customer needs and wants
Profits Maximum profits through maximised sales Increasing profits in the long run by customer satisfaction
Strategies Promotion and persuasion are the strategies used under marketing Integrated marketing efforts involving strategies in respect of product, price, promotion and physical distribution 
Concept: Concept of Marketing
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