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Explain Any Four Causes of Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka. - Political Science

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Explain any four causes of ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.

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The principal players in the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka are Sinhala, who are the majority community, and Tamil who are the minority community.
Sinhalese are hostile to Tamils (who had migrated from India to Sri Lanka) and settled there. The Sinhalese believe that Sri Lanka should not give concessions to the Tamils because Sri Lanka belongs to the Sinhalese only. The neglect of Tamil concerns led to militant Tamil Nationalism. From 1983 onwards, the militant organisation LTTE has been fighting an armed struggle with the army of Sri Lanka and demanding Tamil Elam or a separate country for the Tamils of Sri Lanka.
The Sri Lanka crisis continues to be violent. However, international actors, particularly the Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Iceland have been trying to bring the warring groups back to negotiations. The future of the islands hinges on the outcome of these talks.

Concept: Ethnic Conflict and Democracy in Sri Lanka
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