Explain any five values of good governance. - Political Science

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Answer in Brief

Explain any five values of good governance.

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The values of Good Governance are as follows:

  1. Participatory: It is one of the most essential aspects of good governance. The effective functioning of any democratic system requires people's participation. It ensures that the voices and choices of people are heard. People get an opportunity to participate in the process of decision-making and its implementation.
  2. Rule of Law: The supremacy of the law of the land i.e. constitution is another core value of good governance. Constitutional value is the guiding post for the administration. All are treated equally in front of the law. It ensures a just and fair polity where the rights of the people are safeguarded.
  3. Transparency: The culture of secrecy has been challenged by the value of transparency. This enables the people to keep the government under public scrutiny. In India since 2005, the Right to Information Act has been giving citizens the right to seek information related to the functioning of the government.
  4. Responsiveness: Good governance requires that institutions and processes try to serve all stakeholders within a reasonable time frame. The government is prompt in taking decisions and especially pays heed to the problems and designs policies accordingly.
  5. Consensus-Oriented: There are several viewpoints in a given society. Good governance requires a dialogue between various segments of society. This can help to reach a broad consensus on what is in the best interest of the whole community and how this can be achieved. It also requires a broad and long-term perspective on what is needed for sustainable human development and how to achieve the goals of such development.
Concept: Values of Good Governance
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