Explain 7 C'S of Effective Written Communication. - Communication Skills

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Answer in Brief

Explain 7 C's of effective written communication.

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in order to achieve the desired outcome in written communication certain principles of effective correspondence writing must be kept in mind known as 7c's they are:

  1. Clarity: clearness in writing for the reader to understand the information easily using familiar and easy word and short sentence and paragraphs avoiding jargon and complex word will help in maintaining clarity.
  2.  Courtesy: A good business letter must always be written politely. Curtesy in letter writing consists of using words and phrases that show courteous attitude towards the reader.
  3. Correction: A letter should be correct in form as well as language. Spelling's, grammar, punctuation, tone, format are all of significance in an effective letter. Proper editing and review is necessary.
  4. .Concreteness: an effective letter is never vague and general. Words and phrases with specific meaning must be used for the intended message to be clearly conveyed.
  5. Conciseness: Conciseness is refers to convene complete message with the help of minimum possible words. This can be achieved by avoiding word the expression, reputations and including only relevant details.
  6. Completeness: when a message is transmitted the reader desire complete information to be presented. A chain of who- what -where- why- when- how questions must be addressed in the process of information presentation.
  7. Consideration: While transmitting information one must keep the interest of the reader in mind. The writer must integrate "You Attitude" and style of writing that looks at things from the reader's point of view.
Concept: Language Skills in Communication Theory
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