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Expand Vntr and Describe Its Role in Dna Fingerprinting. - Biology

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Expand VNTR and describe its role in DNA fingerprinting.

Solution 1

VNTR: Variable Number of Tandem Repeats. 

DNA fingerprinting involves identifying differences in the number of some specific short nucleotide repeats, called VNTR, that vary in number from person to person and are inherited. 

Solution 2

VNTR stands for “Variable Number of Tandem Repeats”.

The VNTR belongs to a class of satellite DNA referred to as mini-satellite. A small DNA sequence is arranged tandemly in many copy numbers. The copy number varies from chromosome to chromosome in an individual. The numbers of the repeat show very high degree of polymorphism. As a result, the size of VNTR varies in size from 0.1 to 20 kb. Consequently, after hybridization with VNTR probe, the autoradiogram gives many bands of differing sizes. These bands give the characteristic pattern for an individual DNA which is used to identify individuals.

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Expand Vntr and Describe Its Role in Dna Fingerprinting. Concept: DNA Fingerprinting.
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