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Expand the following idea into 100 words: ‘Travelling broadness our mind’ - English

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Long Answer

Expand the following idea into 100 words:

‘Travelling broadness our mind’

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Travelling broadens our mind

Travelling Broadens the perspective and mind. It helps you to think outside the safe cocoon. It improves social skills as you meet a lot of people from different places. Travelling experience makes you come out of your comfort zone as it is not about luxury and comfort, it is about beholding the beautiful bouquet that the world has to offer and experience it. The serenity of nature and the beauty of historical places mesmerize you by leaving you calm and composed. Exploring new destination boosts confidence as you get to meet and see new people and surrounding. It unwinds you and makes you more receptive to life. Getting to know different cultures and traditions and appreciating them is another advantage of travelling. The biggest learning of travelling is to value experience over worldly things.

Concept: Writing Skill
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