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Examine the Statement and Conclusions Given Below and Choose a Suitable Answer from the Options Given: Statements: 1. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. Justice Hurried is Justice Buried. - Legal Reasoning


Examine the Statement and Conclusions given below and choose a suitable answer from the options given:


1. Justice delayed is justice denied. Justice hurried is justice buried.
2. More than 3 crore cases are pending in the Indian Courts.


1. People are not getting justice in India.
2. Disposal of cases by ‘Fast track courts’ results in injustice.
3. Cases must be disposed of within a reasonable time.


  • Only Conclusion 1 follows.

  • Only Conclusion 2 follows.

  • Only Conclusion 3 follows.

  • No Conclusion follows.

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Only Conclusion 3 follows.


Justice delayed is justice denied. "Justice delayed is justice denied" is a legal maxim meaning that if legal redress is available for a party that has suffered some injury, but is not forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no redress at all. Justice Hurried Is Justice Buried The Law which rightly speaks about the collective organization of the individual right to lawful defense. The law is justice. Hence, the option 'Only Conclusion 3 follows.' is correct as conclusion 3 follows.

Concept: Important Court Decisions (Entrance Exams)
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