Examine the Statement and Conclusions Given Below and Choose a Suitable Answer from the Options Given: Statement: Necessity Knows No Law. - Legal Reasoning

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Examine the Statement and Conclusions given below and choose a suitable answer from the options given:

Statement: Necessity knows no law.


1. The act of a captain throwing some cargo into the ocean to save the ship from sinking is justified by the principle.
2. The act of a man out of poverty and starvation stealing some food from a hotel is justified by the principle.
3. The act of a tourist killing a tiger when it was attacking a villager is justified by the principle.


  • Only Conclusion 1 follows.

  • Only Conclusion 2 follows.

  • Only Conclusion 1 and 3 follow.

  • All Conclusions follow.

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Only Conclusion 1 and 3 follow.


Necessity knows no law is a proverb. It means that being desperate and having no means may lead you to do illegal things. Here" what is the necessity?" is important. Now in conclusion 1 throwing of cargo from the sinking ship was a necessity hence fall into a preview of this principle However stealing driven of poverty and hunger cannot take the plea of this principle as it cannot be said necessity. Again killing of the tiger to save a human being was a necessity and thus gets a cover under the above said principle Hence option 'The only Conclusion 1 and 3 follow.' is correct as both conclusions 1& 2 follow. 

Concept: Study of Law (Entrance Exams)
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