Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 8th Standard
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Examine the Statements and Correct the Incorrect Ones. (A) Mining is Not a Type of Land Use. (B) There Are Factories in the Central Business District. - Geography

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True or False

Examine the statements and correct the
incorrect ones.

(A) Mining is not a type of land use.

(B) There are factories in the Central
Business District.

(C) In urban areas, the largest area is used
for residential purposes.

(D) The village attendant issues the 7/12

(E) In rural areas residential areas occupy
large tracts.

(F) Extract 7 indicates Record of Rights.

(G) Extract 12 indicates change in

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(A) False

Explanation:  Mining falls under the category of rural land use. There are many agro-based activities prevalent in a rural area. Such as fishing, agriculture, forestry etc. Mining is also an example of rural land use. The miner usually prefers to reside in areas closer to the mines.

(B) False

Explanation: A Central Business District or CBD is the central place of an urban area that has the maximum land concentration for commercial purpose, For example, banks and shops.

(C) True

Explanation: In urban areas, there is a maximum concentration of population. People even migrate from nearby rural areas to urban areas in search of jobs and livelihood. So, the population is dense and a large part of the urban areas are denoted for residential purposes.

(D) False

Explanation:7/12 extract is issued by the revenue department of the government. All the information about the land can be obtained from this department. It is recorded in the register of the revenue department. It includes details like the ownership of the land, status of land, transfer of ownership etc.

(E) False

Explanation: In rural areas, the number of people residing is less. The space for settlement is more as compared to the population. So, the residential areas do not occupy large tracts. The people also prefer to reside near to their area of work. Sucha s the miner prefer to reside near the mines and the fishermen prefer to reside near to the water bodies.

(F) True

Explanation: Extract 7 includes detailed information about the owner of land and rights and liabilities of the landholder. Extract 7 and Extract 12 are combined to prepare the 7/12 extract.

(G) False

Explanation: Extract 12 indicates information about the registration of crops, type of crop, fallow land etc.

Concept: Land Use
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Balbharati Geography 8th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 6 Land Use
Exercise | Q 1 | Page 41
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