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Examine the Factors Which Helped in the Restoration of the Congress Party After Its Split in 1969. - Political Science

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Examine the factors which helped in the restoration of the Congress Party after its split in 1969.

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After its split in 1969, the government of Indira Gandhi gained popularity due to various factors such as

i. The government made conscious attempts to project its socialist credentials.

ii. Indira Gandhi vigorously campaigned for implementing the existing land reform laws and undertook further land ceiling legislation.

iii. To end her dependence on the other political parties, strengthen her party's position in the Parliament and seek a popular mandate for her programmes, Indira Gandhi's government recommended the dissolution of the Lok Sabha in December 1970.

iv. The crisis in East Pakistan and the Indo–Pak War leading to the establishment of Bangladesh added another feather to the popularity of Indira Gandhi.

v. In this way, Indira Gandhi and her government were seen as the protector of the poor and the underprivileged.

vi. The Congress was now in power in almost all the states and restored its dominance.

Concept: Congress Split and Reconstitution
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