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Try to Trace the Various Components of Human Evolution - CBSE (Science) Class 12 - Biology

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Try to trace the various components of human evolution (hint: brain size and function, skeletal structure, dietary preference, etc.)


The various components of human evolution are as follows.

(i) Brain capacity

(ii) Posture

Food / dietary preference and other important features

Name Brain capacity Posture Food Features
Dryopithecus africans --

Knuckle walker,

walked similar to gorillas and chimpanzees (was more ape-like)

Soft fruit and leaves Canines large, arms and legs are of equal size
Ramapithecus -- Semi-erect (more man-like)Seeds, nuts Seeds, nuts Canines were small while molars were large
Australopithecus africanus 450 cm3 Full erect posture, height (1.05 m) Herbivorous (ate fruits) Hunted with stone weapons, lived at trees, canines and incisors were small
Homo habilis 735cm3 Fully erect posture, height (1.5 m) Carnivorous Canines were small. They were first tool makers
Homo erectus 800-1100 cm3 Fully erect posture, height(1.5-1.8 m ) Omnivorous They used stone and bone tools for hunting games.
Homo neanderthalnsis 1300-1600 cm3 Fully erect posture, height (1.5-1.66 m) Omnivorous Cave dwellers, used hides to protect their bodies, and buried their dead
Homo sapiens fossilis 1650 cm3 Fully erect posture with height (1.8 m) Omnivorous They had strong jaw with teeth close together. They were cave dwellers, made paintings and carvings in the caves. They developed a culture and were called first modern men.
Homo sapiens sapiens 1200-1600 cm3 Fully erect posture, height (1.5-1.8 m ) Omnivorous They are the living modern men, with high intelligence. They developed art, culture, language, speech, etc. They cultivated crops and domesticated animals.
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Solution Try to Trace the Various Components of Human Evolution Concept: Evidences for Evolution.
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