Everyone of Us Can Do Something to Reduce Our Personal Consumption of Various Natural Resources. List Four Such Activities Based on 3-r Approach. - Science


Everyone of us can do something to reduce our personal consumption of various natural resources. List four such activities based on 3-R approach.



The 3-R strategy is an approach to reduce the amount of solid waste. It stands for reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce means minimising the use of materials that increase solid waste. Reuse means repeating the use of items with no side effects and recycling means using waste as a resource.

  • According to this strategy, the use of non-recyclable substances such as polythene, that are harmful to the environment should be avoided and the use of recyclable resources should be promoted.
  • The use of materials such as paper should be preferred, as they can be reused and recycled. Also, they do not cause any harm to the environment when they are disposed of.
  • Materials like glass and some plastics can be recycled on heating and converted into different products like toys and containers that can be reused.
  • The recycling of electronic waste is done by dismantling the items and reusing their components.
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