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Every Household Produces a Lot of Material a Daily. in One of the Methods of Disposal B, Material a is Burned at a Very High Temperature of About 1000°C in a Structure Called What is Material A? ( - Science

Every household produces a lot of material A daily. In one of the methods of disposal B, material A is burned at a very high temperature of about 1000°C in a structure called C. During this process, the organic matter present is removed as D and E whereas F is left behind (which can be dumped in a landfill site).
(a) What is material A?
(b) Name the method of disposal B.
(c) What is structure C known as?
(d) What are (i) D (ii) E, and (iii) F?
(e) This method is especially suitable for the disposal of materials produced by certain institutions. Name such institutions.

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 (a) Material A is garbage.
(b) Incineration is the name of the method of waste disposal named B.
(c) Structure C is known as an incinerator.
(d) (i) D is carbon dioxide.
     (ii) E is water vapour.
     (iii) F is ash.
(e) The method of disposing of wastes by burning them is especially suitable for the disposal of        hospital wastes.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Biology (Science)
Chapter 5 Our Environment
Q 65 | Page 244
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