Solution - Equation of a Line in Space



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If a line drawn from the point A( 1, 2, 1) is perpendicular to the line joining P(1, 4, 6) and Q(5, 4, 4) then find the co-ordinates of the foot of the perpendicular.


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Find the value of p, so that the lines `l_1:(1-x)/3=(7y-14)/p=(z-3)/2 and l_2=(7-7x)/3p=(y-5)/1=(6-z)/5 ` are perpendicular to each other. Also find the equations of a line passing through a point (3, 2, – 4) and parallel to line l1.

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A line passes through (2, −1, 3) and is perpendicular to the lines `vecr=(hati+hatj-hatk)+lambda(2hati-2hatj+hatk) and vecr=(2hati-hatj-3hatk)+mu(hati+2hatj+2hatk)` . Obtain its equation in vector and Cartesian from. 

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Find k, if one of the lines given by 6x2 + kxy + y2 = 0 is 2x + y = 0

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Find the Cartesian equation of the line which passes through the point (−2, 4, −5) and is parallel to the line ``

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Find the vector and Cartesian equations of the line through the point (1, 2, −4) and perpendicular to the two lines. 

`vecr=(8hati-19hatj+10hatk)+lambda(3hati-16hatj+7hatk) " and "vecr=(15hati+29hatj+5hatk)+mu(3hati+8hatj-5hatk)`



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