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Enthalpy of Combustion of Carbon to Co2 is –393.5 Kj Mol–1. Calculate the Heat Released Upon Formation of 35.2 G of Co2 from Carbon and Dioxygen Gas. - Chemistry

Enthalpy of combustion of carbon to CO2 is –393.5 kJ mol–1. Calculate the heat released upon formation of 35.2 g of CO2 from carbon and dioxygen gas.

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Solution 1

Formation of CO2 from carbon and dioxygen gas can be represented as:

`C_(s) + O_(2(g)) -> CO_(2(g)`   ` triangle_fH = -393.5 kJ mol^(-1)`

(1 mole = 44 g)

Heat released on formation of 44 g CO2 = –393.5 kJ mol–1

∴Heat released on formation of 35.2 g CO2

`= (-393.5 kJ mol^(-1))/(44g) xx 35.2 g`

= –314.8 kJ mol–1

Solution 2

The combustion equation is:
C(s) + 0(g) —–> C02(g); AcH = – 393.5 KJ mol-1

Heat released in the formation of 44g of C02 = 393.5 kj

Heat released in the formation of 35.2 g of C02=(393.5 KJ) x (35.2g)/(44g) = 314.8 kj

Concept: Enthalpy Change, ∆_rH of a Reaction - Reaction Enthalpy - Standard Enthalpy of Reactions
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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 6 Thermodynamics
Q 11 | Page 183
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