Enlist four important components of poultry farm management. - Biology


Enlist four important components of poultry farm management.



Four important components of poultry farm management are as follows:

  1. Selection of disease-free and suitable breeds
  2. Provision of proper feed and water
  3. Maintenance of hygiene
  4. Provision of health care for birds
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2015-2016 (March) Delhi Set 3


Mating of two closely related individuals within the same breed is called ______.

(a) In-breeding

(b) Out-breeding

(c) Out-crossing

(d) Cross-breeding

Visit of a veterinary doctor to dairy farm is mandatory. Give reasons.

State the disadvantage of inbreeding among cattle. How it can be overcome?

Write the importance of MOET.

Suggest the breeding method most suitable for animals that are below average in milk  productivity.

List the importance of inbreeding.

Give an example of a new breed each of cattle and poultry.

Which growth hormone is used to enhance dairy productivity?

Give the economic importance of lac.

What is inbreeding depression?

Explain the importance of "selection" during inbreeding in cattle

Suggest two disadvantages of inbreeding of cattle practice.

scientific term for an animal behaviour which benefits others but is of no advantage to itself.

What is pisiculture? Give one advantage.

What is artificial insemination? Mention two ways in which it is useful in the breeding of dairy animals

______ is an exotic breed of cow

(A) Gir

(B) Sindhi

(C) Sahiwal

(D) Jersy

State the economic importance of lac culture.

Explain out-breeding, out-crossing and cross-breeding practices in normal husbandry.

Fill in the blank:

Cattle feed made from cereals and wheat is called __________.

Fill in the blank:

Rearing of birds for egg and meat is called _________.

Fill in the blank:

Animal food is rich in ____________.

Name the following:

Rearing of honey bee …..

Name two breeds of buffaloes.

Differentiate between an egger and a broiler.

What type of food you would suggest for cattle in order to get good quality of milk ?

Multiple choice question. Tick (✓) the correct choice:

Apiary is a place where are reared.

  1. honeybees
  2. silkworms
  3. fish
  4. sheep

Is the following statement true (T) or false (F)? Mark T or F:

White part present in egg is called albumen.

Give the sources of ivory, pearls and lac.

‘Rearing of sheep is a livestock’. Justify this statement.

Write a short note.

Agro-complementary business

Enumerate any four essential features of good and effective poultry farm management practices.

Write a short note on Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology. 

Answer the following question:
Beekeeping practice is a good income generating industry. Write the different points to be kept in mind for successful beekeeping. Write the scientific name of the most common Indian species used for the purpose.

Answer the following question.
Why is crossbreeding in animals practiced? How is a breed Hisardale developed?

Distinguish between the following

Marine Fishing and inland fishing

With very low investments ______ can be made into profitable venture for small farmers.

Fishing done in 20 - 30 miles away from the shore is known as ______.

______ is reared in the arid, semi-arid, and mountainous areas in Tamil Nadu.

______ is the best alternative for rearing in the marginal and undulating lands.

______ is also known as ‘poor man’s cow’.

districts lead in the Inland fish production.

Match the following:-

1. Rearing of birds (a) Apiculture
2. Rearing of honeybees (b) Horticulture
3. Rearing of silkworms (c) Poultry farming
4. Growing fruits (d) Sericulture

______ is also called inshore fishing or neritic fishing.

Give reasons for the following:

Livestock has remained an integral part of the socio-economic fabric of rural people.

In Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer, the cow is administered with ______ to induce follicular.

______ is the branch of agriculture.

Find out the correct sentence

  1. Hybridisation means crossing between genetically dissimilar plants
  2. Cross between two varieties is called as interspecific hybridisation
  3. Introducing genes of the desired character into a plant gives genetically modified crop
  4. Cross between plants of two species is called inter varietal hybridisation

Cattle husbandry is done for the following purposes

  1. Milk Production
  2. Agricultural work
  3. Meat production
  4. Egg production

Animal husbandry is the scientific management of

  1. animal breeding
  2. culture of animals
  3. animal livestock
  4. rearing of animals

Name two types of animal feed and write their functions.

Percentage composition of fibroin and sericin in silk is:

The world's highly prized yielding pashmina breed is:

Eri silkworm is grown on:

Which method is used to expose harmful recessive genes? 

In animal husbandry, if two closely related animals are mated for a few generations, it results in loss of fertility and vigour. Why is this so?

What is a layer?

What is a broiler?

Define Animal Husbandry?

Give a reason All animals are called consumers.


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