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Enlist Any 'Two' Floral Adaptations in Salvia. - Biology

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Enlist any 'two' floral adaptations in salvia.

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Floral adaptations in Salvia are as follows : (Lever Mechanism)
(1) Pollination in Salvia is entomophilous.
(2) The flower in Salvia is bisexual & protandrous.
(3) There are two stamens in the flower having long bifurcated connective.
(4) The upper branch of the connective bears a fertile anther lobe while the lower branch of the connective bears a sterile anther lobe.
(5) When an insect enters the Salvia flower, it pushes the lower sterile lobe owing to which the upper fertile lobe bends & strikes the back of the insect & dust its pollen grains.
(6) When the same insect visits another flower, the pollen grains are picked up by the receptive stigma & the pollination is effected.

Concept: Adaptive Radiation
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