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Enlist Advantages and Disadvantages of Cross Pollination - HSC Science (General) 12th Board Exam - Biology

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Enlist advantages and disadvantages of cross pollination


Advantages of cross pollination:
i. Offsprings produced are healthier and are well adapted to the environment.
ii. Seeds are produced in large numbers with higher viability and of better quality.
iii. Possibility of variations results in new desired varieties of plants, hence favours the process
of evolution.
iv. The offsprings show better vigour (hybrid vigour) and vitality.

Disadvantages of cross pollination:
i. The plants have to depend upon various external agencies.
ii. There is expenditure of energy due to the adaptations such as bright colour, nectar, fragrance,
etc. in attracting insects.
iii. There is considerable wastage of pollen grains.
iv. Since cross pollination result in the formation of new genotypes, it may also develop
undesirable characters in the progeny. Some desirable characters may get eliminated.
v. Genetic purity is not maintained.

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 2016-2017 (July) (with solutions)
Question 4.2 | 7.00 marks
Solution Enlist Advantages and Disadvantages of Cross Pollination Concept: Pre-fertilisation - Structures and Events - Pollination.
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