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Emotionally as Well as Intellectually, a Woman is as Good as a Man If Not Better. Yet We Don'T Allow Her the Same Status as a Man Enjoys in Society. - English Core

Emotionally as well as intellectually, a woman is as good as a man if not better. Yet we don't allow her the same status as a man enjoys in society. Write an article in 150-200 words on 'Status of Women in Society'. You are Navtej/Navita.

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Status of a Woman in Society
By Navita

Woman, thy name is integrity and strength. These are very powerful words that give a woman her due position in the society. But she is suppressed and put down by the society. A woman’s strength is seen in her dealing with the problems of her day-to-day life. A man is incapable of handling emotional stress without the support of a woman, whether in the form of a mother, wife, sister or daughter, yet he poses to be the powerful gender. This is an era when women are trying to shatter the glass ceilings created by men. They are trying to break all the chains and prove themselves as strong and independent individuals. How far are they successful is another matter. A woman who goes to Delhi to receive an award for the best farming in her area is divorced by her husband for doing so. This is the status of today’s educated and liberated woman. A woman who does not cook is still not deemed as a good wife. Children are still the responsibility of a woman. The world might accept an educated and career-oriented woman, but inside the house, she is ridiculed and suppressed even today. But it is high time women are given their due importance in the society.


Concept: Writing Skill
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