Elephantiasis is caused by ________________. - Biology

Fill in the Blanks

Elephantiasis is caused by ________________.


  • Wuchereria bancrofti

  • Plasmodium vivax

  • Bedbug

  • Elephant



Wuchereria bancrofti

Concept: Disease
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Crippling disease is caused due to poisoning of ____________.

Humtilin is used to treat ____________.

__________ is the infectious stage of Plasmodium.

Give the symptoms of typhoid fever and draw a labelled diagram of its causal organism.

What is the common name of Apis mellifera?

Name the causative organism and preventive measures for Typhoid

 Put a tick mark (✓) against the correct alternative in the following statement: 

Which one of the following is a degenerative disease ?

  1. Thalassemia
  2. Beri-beri
  3. Cataract
  4. Diabetes 

 Put a tick mark (✓) against the correct alternative in the following statement    

Pellagra is one disease caused by the deficiency of:

  1. Vit. B3
  2. Vit. B1
  3. Vit. C
  4. Vit. D 


Put a tick mark (✓) against the correct alternative in the following statement:

Hay fever and asthma are

  1. Deficiency diseases
  2. Genetic diseases
  3. Organic diseases
  4. Allergy diseases 

What is a deficiency disease ?

 Write short (2-3 sentences) note on


 Fill in the blanks :

One of the diseases caused by protozoa is ...................

Define the following:  


Give examples of diseases caused by: 

  1. Fungus
  2. Insect bite
  3. Ingesting infected food and water
  4. Pollution/allergy
  5. Worms 

Name few diseases caused by malfunctioning of body organs.

Fill in the blank:  

........... is opposite to health.

Group 'A' Group 'B'
(a) Diethylc Carbamacine (1)  AIDS
(b) Widal test (2)  Pneumonia 
(c) Albendazole (3) Filariasis 
(d) HAART (4)  Typhoid 
  (5) Ascariasis 

Read the passage and answer the questions.
Master 'X' is a 3-year-old child. He is living with his family in a slum. A public toilet is present near his house. His father is a drunkard. His mother does not know the importance of a balanced diet.

1. Master 'X' can suffer from which different possible diseases in the above conditions?

2. How will you help him and his family in this situation?

3. Which disease can occur to the father of master 'X'?

Enlist the names and composition of the medicines present at your home.

The letter B in the name BCG vaccination stands for

Mention whether the following statement is true (T) or false (F).

Chicken pox and hepatitis are bacterial diseases.

Mention whether the following statement is true (T) or false (F).

Goitre is endemic in sub-Himalayan regions of India. 

Name the Following:
Category of pathogen that causes diseases like common cold and mumps. 

Select and write the most appropriate answer from the given.
Identify the following diagram from the alternatives given below : 

In the 1950s minamata disease was caused by ____________ poisoning.  

Give any 'two' modes of transmission of amoebiasis.

Define the following:

Define the following:

Define the following:

Match the items given in Column A with the appropriate item of Column B:

Column A Column B
Degenerative diseases Vector
Diabetes Filaria
AIDS Viral disease
Cholera Rheumatic heart disease
Influenza Bacterial disease
Mosquito Insulin
Elephantiasis HIV virus
- Entamoeba histolytica

Fill in the blank:
A reaction caused by the body to some foreign is called ______.

The question has four options. Choose the correct answer:
Which of the following diseases has been eradicated?

Anaemia is a disease which occurs due to a lack of

Tobacco chewing causes 

Match the following

Rabies Salmonella
Cholera Yellow Urine
Tuberculosis Cramps in legs
Hepatitis Hydrophobia
Typhoid Mycobacterium

State whether true or false. If false, correct the statement.

Non- infectious diseases remain confined to the person who develops the disease and do not spread to others.

State whether true or false. If false, correct the statement.

Hepatitis B is more dangerous than Hepatitis A.

Define the following.


Higher Order Thinking Skill.

Suggest precautionary measures you can take in your school to reduce the incidence of infectious disease.

Higher Order Thinking Skill.

Tejas suffered from typhoid while, Sachin suffered from tuberculosis. Which disease could have caused more damage and why?

The vector Culex mosquito carries the third-stage larva of W. bancrofti known as ______.

Match the columns and choose the correct option.

  I   II
1. Malaria a. W. bancrofti
2. Filariasis b. E. histolytica
3. Typhoid c. Plasmodium
4. Amoebiasis d. Salmonella

Choose the correct match of the causative agent and confirmatory test for typhoid.

Which of the labels represent the K antigen in the given structure of Salmonella typhi?

Which is the causative agent of elephantiasis in man?

The disease that is generally treated by the use of bcnzyl penicillin, ampicillin and chloramphenicol is ____________.

Identify the correct set of pathogen and vector for transmission of malaria.

Which of the following statements is correct with respect to life cycle of Plasmodium.

All the following are true for transmission of diseases, EXCEPT ______.

In the given malarial life cycle, identify the labels 'X' and 'Y'.

Which one of the following is not a viral disease?

Which one of the following diseases is not transmitted by mosquitoes?

Which one of the following diseases are caused by bacteria?

We must eat lot of carrots to prevent eye diseases.

Name the target organs for the following diseases

Fungal disease targets ______.

______ disease continues for many days and causes ______ on body.

Many skin diseases are caused by ______.

Assertion (A): Antibiotics do not help to cure communicable diseases.
Reason (R): They are caused by microbes.

Complete the table.

Night Blindness: ______.
______: Iron.

Complete the table.

BCG: ______.
______: Chickenpox.

How can we prevent fatality in the case of Rabies?

Write a note a Rabies.

What is a disease? How many types of diseases have you studied? Give examples.

What do you mean by disease symptoms? Explain giving two examples?

Why is AIDS considered to be a ‘Syndrome’ and not a disease?

Which one of the following is a pair of viral diseases?

Expand the following:


Define the following:


Differentiate signs and symptoms of the disease.

Discuss how diseases are categorized.


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