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Element X Reacts with Element Y to Form a Compound Z. During the Formation of Compound Z, Atoms of X Lose One Electron Each Whereas Atoms of Y Gain One Electron Each. Which of the Following Property is Not Shown by Compound Z? (A) High Melting Point (B) Low Melting Point (C) Occurrence as Solid (D) Conduction of Electricity in Molten State - Science

Element X reacts with element Y to form a compound Z. During the formation of compound Z, atoms of X lose one electron each whereas atoms of Y gain one electron each. Which of the following property is not shown by compound Z?
(a) high melting point
(b) low melting point
(c) occurrence as solid
(d) conduction of electricity in molten state

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(b) low melting point
Compound Z is an ionic compound formed by transfer of electrons. Ionic compounds have high melting points.

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Chemistry (Science)
Chapter 3 Metals and Non-metals
Q 57 | Page 170
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