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The energy of photon of wavelength X is_____ .

[h = Planck’s constant, c = speed of light in vacuum]







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The momentum of a photon of de Broglie wavelength 5000Å is _______.

[Planck’s constant = 6.63 x10-34 J.s.]

(A) 1.326 x10-28 kg-m/s

(B) 7.54 x10-28 kg-m/s

(C) 1.326 x10-27 kg-m/s

(D) 7.54 x10-27 kg-m/s

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A proton and a deuteron are accelerated through the same accelerating potential. Which one of the two has

less momentum?

Give reasons to justify your answer.

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When radiations of wavelength λ1 and λ2 are incident on certain photosensitive, such that E1 > E2 . Then Planck's constant 'h' is ......................... .

(C = Velocity of light).

  1. `((E_1 - E_2)(lambda_1 - lambda_2))/(C(lambda_1 * lambda_2))`
  2. `((E_1 - E_2)lambda_1C)/((lambda_1 - lambda_2)lambda_2)`
  3. `((E_1 - E_2)lambda_1lambda_2)/(C(lambda_2 - lambda_1))`
  4. `((lambda_1 - lambda_2)C)/((E_1 - E_2)lambda_1 * lambda_2)`
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Find the value of energy of electron in eV in the third Bohr orbit of hydrogen atom.

(Rydberg's constant (R) = 1· 097 x 107m - 1,
Planck's constant (h) =6·63x10-34 J-s,
Velocity of light in air (c) = 3 x 108m/ s.)

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The threshold wavelength of silver is 3800Å. Calculate the maximum kinetic energy in eV of photoelectrons emitted, when ultraviolet light of wavelength 2600Å falls on it.

(Planck’s constant, h =6.63 x 1O-34J.s.,

Velocity of light in air, c = 3 x 108 m / s)

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