Each Year Witnesses Soaring Cut-offs for University Admissions. Many a Deserving Student is Left Without a Seat Causing Frustration. Write an Article for a Local Daily in About 120 Words - English - Communicative

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Answer in Brief

Each year witnesses soaring cut-offs for university admissions. Many a deserving student is left without a seat causing frustration. Write an article for a local daily in about 120 words highlighting the plight of students and suggest measures that the Government could take to provide enough avenues for the youth. You are Amit/Anita.

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                               The Race India Faces
                               - By Amit Vishwakarma

Every point counts. Students today are living their lives running behind point percentages and half marks to earn a seat in a reputed university. The cut-off percentages go higher and higher every year and the effect this has on the youth, no one cares. In today's scenario, where a 97% student feels disappointed at his score because someone who scored 98 got into the college she wanted, is pathetic. The pressure from society and above all parents to score more has left their lives ruined and their mental conditions in a mess. India has reached a point where it has the maximum number of students suicides ever and it isn't even surprising. People have normalized it and at some points even blamed the victim for committing the act. After all, the argument is "The parents did it for the child's better future."
   The competition here is nothing but healthy. Marks have become so important that people forget that later on in life, we are not even going to remember them. The youth of our country is the future of our country and it is our responsibility to make sure that nothing stands in the way of their prosperity.

Concept: Article Writing
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2013-2014 (March) All India Set 2

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