Each of the Tissues Listed in Column a is Related to One of the Functions Given In Column B. Match the Lines Correct Pairs by Drawing - Biology

Match the Columns

Each of the tissues listed in Column A is related to one of the functions given in Column B. Match the lines correct pairs by drawing  

Column A (Tissue) Column  B (function)
(a) Epithelial tissue  i. Movement 
(b) Connective issue  ii. Protection 
(c) Vascular tissue  iii. messages
(d) Nervous tissue  iv. support 
(e) Muscular Tissue v. transport


Column A (Tissue) Column B (function) 
(a) Epithelial tissue  ii. protection 
(b) Connective tissue  iv. support 
(c) Vascular tissue  v. transort 
(d) Nervous tissue  iii. messages 
(e) Muscular tissue  i. movement 
Concept: Animal Tissues
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Chapter 1: Plant And Animal Tissues - Short Answer Questions


Selina Concise Biology Class 7 ICSE
Chapter 1 Plant And Animal Tissues
Short Answer Questions | Q 7

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Name the Tissue that forms the inner lining of our mouth.

Identify the type of tissue in the skin.

Identify the type of tissue in the lining of kidney tubule.

Match the items given is column A with those given in column B: 

Column A Column B 
(1) Fibrous connective tissue (a) blood
(2) Fluid connective tissue (b) cartilage
(3) Supportive connective tissue (c) Supportive connective tissue
another bone.
(4) Ligament (d) areolar tissue
(5) Tendon (e) connects a muscle
with a bone.

How do you rank the Euglena ?

How do you rank the Lungs

How do you rank the Neuron

How do you rank the Cardiac muscles

Fill in the blank 

.................... tissue cushions and insulates the body.

Write true or false of the statement. Rewrite the false statement correctly. 

The fluid part of the blood is called plasma.

Define the term of the biotic community

Define the term of the biosphere

Write a short answer

Where is the white fibrous tissue found in the human body?

Give four important functions of epithelial tissue. Name one specific place in the body where each function is carried out.

List One Function of the Following : 3.Goblet Cell

Name the Following : (B) Epithelium Which Lines Lung Alveoli.

Describe the structure and functions of epithelium.

Choose the correct option.

The study of structure and arrangement of tissue is called as ______.

Choose the correct option.

________ is a gland which is both exocrine and endocrine.

Choose the correct option.

_________ cell junction is mediated by integrin.

Choose the correct option.

The protein found in cartilage is _______.

Choose the correct option.

Find the odd one out.

Cuboidal epithelium with brush border of microvilli is found in:

Which of the following pair is not having similar epithelial tissue?


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