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During the Drought, a Bailout Package Should Be Given to the Farmers. - Logical Reasoning

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Given below is a passage followed by several inferences, You have to examine the inference separately in the context of the passage and decide upon its degree of truth or falsity. 

In a proposal to Government of Xovia, Association of Xovian Industry (AXI) has suggested a series of short and long-term initiatives to help the states to cope up with the specter of drought in the country, particularly in the North. It has come out with a paper on ‘How to tackle drought’ and recommended the cultivation of selected crops such as short-duration paddy and irrigated dry crops in the focus areas besides subsidization of their seeds by 50%. Other short-term measures include a food-for-work program with the investment of relevant departments and rural bodies, the setting up of a task force headed by top government officials to monitor the drought relief program, the scrapping of schemes that facilitates subsidized power supply to irrigation pump set the connection in water-scarce blocks to ensure power supply for drinking water schemes and ban on the export of fodder. In fact, fodder should be mobilized from all sources and cattle sheds should be opened wherever needed, Employment affirmation program should be launched with central assistance. If possible, interest on loans taken by farmers should be waived besides converting the short-term loans into long-term ones, It is necessary to work out a way to take over the loans taken from primitive money lenders or reschedule them. Coming to long-term steps, the AXI paper says new water resources be explored besides building water supply projects and creating rainwater storage facilities. Dryland cultivation ought to be promoted apart from popularizing water-saving irrigation technologies.

During the drought, a bailout package should be given to the farmers.


  • if the inference is ‘definitely true’

  • if the inference is ‘probably true’

  • if the ‘data provided is inadequate’

  • if the inference is ‘probably false’

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if the inference is ‘definitely true’


The suggestions include that it is necessary to work out a way to take over or reschedule the loans taken from primitive money lenders. So, the inference is definitely true.   

Concept: Critical Reasoning (Entrance Exam)
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