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During a School Trip to 'Rohtang Pass', One of Your Classmate Suddenly Developed 'Altitude Sickness'. But, She Recovered After Sometime. - Biology

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During a school trip to 'Rohtang Pass', one of your classmate suddenly developed 'altitude sickness'. But, she recovered after sometime.
(a) Mention one symptom to diagnose the sickness.
(b) What caused the sickness?
(c) How could she recover by herself after sometime?

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(a) The symptoms of altitude sickness include nausea, fatigue and heart palpitations.
(b) The sickness was caused because her body did not get enough oxygen because of low atmospheric pressure at higher altitudes.
(c) She got acclimatised and stopped experiencing altitude sickness because her body compensated the low oxygen availability by increasing the red blood cell production, decreasing the binding affinity of haemoglobin and increasing the breathing rate. 

Concept: Organism and Its Environment - Responses to Abiotic Factors
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