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During the Journey, Rohan and Rajini Both Note Down the Information They Gather About the States They Travel Through. When They Return They Jot Down this Information. - English Core

One Line Answer

During the journey, Rohan and Rajini both note down the information they gather about the states they travel through. When they return they jot down this information.

Working with your partner, choose any one journey and complete the grid for them. You may access the internet or refer to hooks in the library to complete your grid.

  • The states that they pass through.
  • The variety of languages they hear.
  • The local cuisines they enjoy.
  • The local handicrafts they buy for their family from each of the states they pass through.
  • The weather they experience.


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Jammu &



Laddakh  ,Balti 

Kashmiri Dum aloo, Gustaba Tabakmas, Kahwa Carpets, shawls

Summers are 

pleasant Winters are  cold 

Punjab  Punjabi, Hindi  Roti, Paratha, Chole, Raj ma, Dal, Rice

Woollen blankets.


Weather changes with season, hot.
cold, rainy, spring

Haryana Hindi, Haryanvi,  Punjabi Roti, dal , vegetables, milk  and its various products Earthen pottery,  moorah making,  khes, dari etc.  Changes according  to season
Uttar Pradesh  Hindi and Urdu 


Mughlai and Tandoori dishes

Wood furniture,
brass vessels. locks,
marble- ware 

Cold winters. hot  Summers
Rajasthan  Rajasthani &  Hindi  Dal-bati-ehoorma  and other vegetarian dishes Tie & Dye work, woollen carpets,  gharai kagzi pottery

Very hot in Summer a little cold in winter 

Gujrat Gujrati and Hindi Roti, dal, kadhi, basundi, malpua, puran poli, Thepla furniture, clay items, stone craft,  embroidery Winter pleasant Summer very hot  
Maharashtra  Marathi , Hindi ,  Urdu Vegetarian,  Bhelpuri and  Tandoori non-veg Cuisine Paithani, chandrakala,  Dharwadi sarees.  copper and zinc  vessels  Summer are hot  Winters are pleasant
Karnataka  Kannada  Dosa, idli, wada, sambar , rice etc.  Silk sarees and  handicrafts  Pleasant Winters hot  Summers 
Kerala  Malayalam  Rice, fish , coffee , home made  snacks including  banana chips  Dress of Kera la,  Clothing is quite  simple and typically untailored. Men wear shirt and dhoti  and women Wear  sarees. Hot Summers and  pleasant winter


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