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During Blood Transfusion the Needle is Inserted in a Vein Where the Gauge Pressure is 2000 Pa. at What Height Must the Blood Container Be Placed So that Blood May Just Enter the Vein? - Physics

During blood transfusion the needle is inserted in a vein where the gauge pressure is 2000 Pa. At what height must the blood container be placed so that blood may just enter the vein? [Use the density of whole blood from Table 10.1].

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Solution 1

Gauge pressure, P = 2000 Pa

Density of whole blood, ρ = 1.06 × 10kg m–3

Acceleration due to gravity, g = 9.8 m/s2

Height of the blood container = h

Pressure of the blood container, P = hρg

`:.h = P/(rhog)`

`= 200/(1.06xx10^3xx9.8)`

= 0.1925 m

The blood may enter the vein if the blood container is kept at a height greater than 0.1925 m, i.e., about 0.2 m.

Solution 2

h=P/ρg =200/(1.06 x 103 x 9.8) =0.1925 m

The blood may just enter the vein if the height at which the blood container be kept must be slightly greater than 0.1925 m i.e„ 0.2 m.

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NCERT Class 11 Physics Textbook
Chapter 10 Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Q 24 | Page 271
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