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Solution for Differentiate Between: Cannabinoids and Barbiturates - ISC (Arts) Class 12 - Biology (Theory)

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Differentiate between: Cannabinoids and Barbiturates


Barbiturates: Barbiturates are synthetic drugs derived from barbituric acid. They are general depressants and are popularly called sleeping pills. They lesson functional activity, decrease anxiety and induce sleep. Their repeated use causes psychological dependence. It is very difficult for the addict to withdraw from them. Withdrawal causes depression and restlessness. Repeated use leads to barbiturism involving skin eruption accompanied by chill, fever and headache. Barbiturates are. not preferred these days.

Cannabinoids are group of chemicals, which interact with  cannabinoid receptors present mainly int he brain.

  • Cannabinoids are obtained from the inflorescences of plant Cannabis sativa.
  • Leaves, flower tops, resins of C. sativa in various combinations produce hashish, charas, marijuana and ganja.
  • These are inhaled or ingested orally.
  • These drugs affect cardiovascular system of the body.
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Solution for question: Differentiate Between: Cannabinoids and Barbiturates concept: Drugs and Alcohol Abuse - Adolescence - Drug and Alcohol Abuse. For the courses ISC (Arts), ISC (Science), ISC (Commerce)
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