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Draw a Ray Diagram to Show the Path of the Refracted Ray in Each of the Following Cases:- a Ray of Light Incident on a Concave Lens is - Science

Draw a ray diagram to show the path of the refracted ray in each of the following cases:-

A ray of light incident on a concave lens is

(i) passing through its optical centre.

(ii) parallel to its principal axis.

(iii) directed towards its principal focus.

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(i) A ray of light passing through the optical centre of the concave lens will emerge without any deviation.

(ii) A ray of light parallel to the principal axis, after refraction from a concave lens, appears to diverge from the principal focus on the same side of the lens.

(iii) A ray of light directed towards the principal focus of a concave lens, becomes parallel to its principal axis after refraction through the lens.

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