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Draw a Circle of Radius 3.6 Cm. Draw a Tangent to the Circle at Any Point on It Without Using the Centre. - Geometry

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Draw a circle of radius 3.6 cm. Draw a tangent to the circle at any point on it without using the centre.

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Steps of Construction:
Step 1: Draw a circle with radius 3.6 cm. Mark any point C on it.
Step 2: Draw chord CB and an inscribed ∠CAB.
Step 3: With the centre A and any convenient radius draw an arc intersecting the sides of ∠BAC in points M and N.
Step 4: Using the same radius and centre C, draw an arc intersecting the chord CB at point R.
Step 5: Taking the radius equal to d(MN) and centre R, draw an arc intersecting the arc drawn in step 4. Suppose D be the point of intersection of these arcs. Draw line CD.

Here, line CD is the required tangent to the circle.

Concept: Construction of Tangent Without Using Centre
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Balbharati Mathematics 2 Geometry 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 4 Geometric Constructions
Practice Set 4.2 | Q 3 | Page 98
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