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Draw a Circle with Centre O and Radius 3.5 Cm. Take Point P at a Distance 5.7 Cm from the Centre. Draw Tangents to the Circle from Point P. - Geometry


Draw a circle with centre O and radius 3.5 cm. Take point P at a distance 5.7 cm from the centre. Draw tangents to the circle from point P.

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Steps of Construction:
​Step 1: Construct a circle of radius 3.5 cm with centre O.
Step 2: Take a point P in the exterior of the circle such that OP = 5.7 cm
Step 3: Draw segment OP. Draw perpendicular bisector of segment OP to get its midpoint M.
Step 4: Draw a circle with radius OM and centre M.
Step 5: Name the point of intersection of the two circles as A and B.
Step 6: Draw line PA and line PB.

Here, line PA and line PB are tangents to the circle from point P.

Concept: Construction of Tangent to the Circle from the Point on the Circle
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Balbharati Mathematics 2 Geometry 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 4 Geometric Constructions
Problem Set 4 | Q 2 | Page 99
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