Draw a Block Diagram of Generalized Communication System. - Physics


Draw a block diagram of generalized communication system.



Block diagram of generalization of the communication system:-

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Ionosphere mainly consists of _______.

Draw a neat, labelled block diagram for a generalised communication system.

Name the essential components of a communication system.

Explain briefly two commonly used applications of the ‘Internet’.

The figure given below shows the block diagram of a generalized communication system. Identify the element labelled 'X' and write its function.

Write two basic modes of communication

Any device that converts one form of energy into another is termed as ______.

(A) amplifier

(B) transducer

(C) receiver

(D) demodulator

Draw a neat, labelled block diagram of a receiver for the detection of amplitude modulated  wave.

For efficient radiation and reception of signal with wavelength λ, the transmitting antennas would have length comparable to ______.

(A)`lambda` of frequency used

(B)`lambda/2` of frequency used

(C )`lambda/3` of frequency used

(D)`lambda/4` of frequency used

Draw the block diagram of a receiver in communication system

Explain the terms : Receiver in communication system

Write the functions of each of the following in communication system : Channel 

Which basic mode of communication is used in satellite communication?

Distinguish between a transducer and a repeater. 

What is the line of sight communication?

What type of wave propagation is used in the basic mode of communication?

Write, giving a reason, the frequency range used in this mode of communication of propagation.

Answer the following question :

Write the functions of transducer and repeater ?



Mention the function of any two of the following used

(i) Transducer

(ii) Repeater

(iii) Transmitter

(iv) Bandpass Filter

Explain the function of a repeater in a communication system.

Explain the terms (a) Transducer and (b) Attenuation in communication system.

A transmitting antenna of height h and the receiving antenna of height 45 m are separated by a distance of 40 km for satisfactory communication in line of sight mode. Then the value of h is (given radius of the earth is 6400 km):

Which of the following is the communication channel in case of radio communication?


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