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Drafting a Speech : You Are Going to Speak in Your School Assembly Convincing Junior Students that the Secret of True Happiness Lies in - English

Drafting a Speech :
  You are going to speak in your school assembly convincing junior students that the secret of true happiness lies in Giving and Sharing more than in Receiving and Taking.

  You can use the following points - a hearty satisfaction, pleasure of sharing, peace of mind, etc. You can add your own points.

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Drafting a Speech
• Determine your speech to meet the needs of your delivery.
• Write in such a way to communicate effectively and impress your audience.
• Begin and end properly.

Marking Scheme
• Appropriate beginning/conclusion                      01
• Body – use of given points and additional points
and appropriate use of language                           02
• Appropriate sequence and flow of language      01
• Use of appropriate grammatical structures         01

Concept: Writing Skill
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