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Drafting a Speech :You Are Going to Speak in a National Level Elocution - English

Answer in Brief

Drafting a Speech :
You are going to speak in a national level elocution competition on “How to live before you die.”. Draft a speech to deliver it in a competition with the help of the following points.
You can use the following points – Be happy, Help others, Burning desire to do something, Fulfil your hobbies and dreams, Explore the world, No worries, Be creative, Be friendly with others, Be social, Live tension free life, etc.

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“How to live before you die.”

Good morning everyone present; today I am going to speak on “How to live before you die.” Well, someone has rightly said: “Life is a wonderful gift God has given us; and what we make of this life is our gift to God.”

This life is the rarest gift one can get; and each individual should try to make the best out of life and return it to God as homage to Him. We don’t need to go to some far away galaxy to find how to live life before dying. Well, we have many great personalities who taught us how to live before we die.  

Great beings like Jesus, Budhha, Krishna, Guru Nanak, Helen Keller, Vivekananda, Yogananada, Mother Teresa, Martin King Luther, Gandhi, and many more like them have shown us how to live before we die.  

The best we can do with life is live grandly in all areas. The best we can do is optimal use and training of our faculties to take them to the highest performance level. These faculties include working diligently to improve one’s lingual, reasoning, moral, ethical, scientific, meditative, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual faculties.  

We can live our life we living the entire world in each tiny moment. We should always be ready to explore the unexplored and finding out something new and innovative in each moment.  

Once we live life as specified above, life is unfailingly going to be wondrous, tension-free, and full of felicity.  

I hope you will follow the cues given in the speech and live your life optimally.

Concept: Writing Skill
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