Maharashtra State BoardHSC Commerce 12th Board Exam
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Draft a Letter of Allotment of Shares to the Applicant. - Secretarial Practice

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Draft a letter of allotment of shares to the applicant.

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Specimen of letter of allotment of shares is given as follows : TASAI INDUSTRIES LIMITED 29,

Palm View, M.G. Road,


Tel. No. 22325549

Fax No. 22325353

Ref. No. 37/AL/1204/15 

E-mail :

Date : 15th July, 2016


Dr. Ashok Narkarni 

504, 'C' Wing. Siddhivinayak Annexe, 

Sun Mill Lane, S.J. Marg, 

Lower Parel, Mumbai-400013. 

                  Sub : Issue of 10,00,000 Equity shares of ` 10  each
`"With reference to your application"No. 00117 dated 10th June, 2016, we are pleased to inform you that the Board of Directors by their Resolution No. 36 adopted at the Board meeting held on 1st July, 2016, have allotted you 150 equity shares of ` 10 each bearing number 3001 to 3150. The details of allotment are shown in the following schedule : 

No. of Shares applied No. of Shares allotted Distinctive numbers of shares Amount received as application money (` 3 per share) Amount due on allotment (` 2 per shares)
150 150 3001 to 3150 rs 450 rs300

The shares have been allotted in accordance with the rules laid down by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and with the permission of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). You are requested to pay a sum of ` 300 (Rupees Three Hundred only) being the amount due on allotment to the company's bankers, the Union Bank of India, at any of its branches on or before 16th August, 2016. The Share Certificate for the shares will be ready in due course. Please note that share certificate will be issued in exchange of this letter of allotment and the receipt for allotment money paid.

Thanking you. 

Your faithfully 


Sd/ ...................






Concept: Types of Shares - Preference Shares Equity Shares
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