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Doing Well in Any Activity, for Example a Sport, Music, Dance Or Painting, Riding a Motorcycle Or a Car, Involves a Great Deal of Struggle. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Doing well in any activity, for example a sport, music, dance or painting, riding a motorcycle or a car, involves a great deal of struggle. Most of us are very nervous to begin with until gradually we overcome our fears and perform well.

Write an essay of about five paragraphs recounting such an experience. Try to recollect minute details of what caused the fear, your feelings, the encouragement you got from others or the criticism.

You could begin with the last sentence of the essay you have just read - “At last I felt released – free to walk the trails and climb the peaks and to brush aside fear.”

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Directions:- You may follow the given steps for the essay:

Paragraph 1:-  Begin with “At last I felt released – free to walk the trails and climb the peaks and to brush aside fear. Fear, when conquered, becomes victory. And a victory, emerging from the bitterness of failures and hardships of enduring them for a long period of time, has its own meaning and charm. When I look back, it appears to be a long and arduous journey that has now successfully culminated in its destination.”

Paragraph 2:- Talk about the beginning of the incident that was the root cause for your fear. Try to pen down what you saw, what you felt and what you thought. Recollect and write the details of the surrounding environment, people and things.

Paragraph 3:- Here, you can continue talking about how the incident progressed in terms of the subsequent events or happenings. Detail the exact proceedings in the logical order of their happening. You may talk about what you think went wrong and how the incident could have ended differently.

Paragraph 4:- In this paragraph, you may write how the fear proved a handicap or how it affected other activities of your life. And then write about when you decided that you will get rid of it. Talk about your plans, strategies and things that you may have considered to ensure that you succeed in your attempt.

Paragraph 5:- In the last paragraph, you can detail all your efforts (and that of others) and end with an analysis of why you won over your fear.


Guidelines/directions have been provided for students' reference. It is strongly recommended that students prepare the answer on their own.

Concept: Writing Skill
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NCERT Textbook for Class 12 English Flamingo
Chapter 3.1 DEEP WATER
Writing | Q 1 | Page 30
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